Howdy there!New release tomorrow!

30 11 2007

Babes in Toyland IIThis is my first Word press blog so I am still learning my way around the place. I hope you enjoy your self and I look forward to sharing some excerpts, contests and other goodies here with you!

Check back often and see what is new with me. 🙂 

I do have some wonderful news….my story Devon Falls: Sticky Magic is out Nov. 30th with Aspen Mountain Press in there Christmas anthology, Babes in Toyland II. I am all excited so I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

Check it out here:




6 responses

30 11 2007
Ginger Simpson

Hey Rayne,
Thought I’d take a peek at your new venture. Blogging can become addictive, so you’d better watch out (As Santa says). By the way, are you trying to talk like you’re from Tennessee or did you really mean to type ‘tomorrow’? It’s passable here just like you typed it…now I’ve gotta go fold my warsh rags. *lol*

Come visit me:

30 11 2007

Looking gorgeous Raine!

30 11 2007
carol shenold

Hey Raine, like your new site. Keep going with it. Come see me at I have “Privy to Murder” out with EP and “Fairy Dust” due out in January. Carol

30 11 2007

LOL Thanks for pointing that out to me Ginger. 🙂

Thanks guys for coming. I hope to talk more here. 🙂


30 11 2007
Rayne Forrest

Hi Raine! Congrats on the release day – WooHOO!! And congrats on setting up a blog. Gotta warn ya, though. Blogging can be addictive!

30 11 2007
Sloane Taylor

Great blog, Raine! The scene is perfect. Congratulations!!

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