Devon Falls: Red Hot Magic

18 01 2008

Devon Falls: Red Hot Magic

Coming February 2008 from Aspen Mountain Press

Not sure yet if it is a stand alone or if it is in an anthology but here is a sneak look into Raven’s story.

Unedited excerpt (May change after editing):

As the breeze swirled around the room, it caressed her naked body, making her nipples tighten and wetness pool in her core. Trying not to let her mystery man know how he much he affected her, Raven tried to still her aching body with deep breaths. That is until she spied the tall man walking towards her from the shadows. With hair dark as midnight, a body that had her almost weeping in pleasure at the strength that seemed to storm her defenses with just a look, stormy blue eyes locked onto her green ones. He was easily over 6 foot 5” and he was utterly, deliciously naked…with a cock that begged to be suckled and licked. It was absolutely the largest one Raven had ever seen and it was growing larger with ever step he took towards her. She knew instinctively this man would give her the ultimate pleasure she has been searching for with and she would crave more from him.Gulping quickly, she felt rather than saw him sit on the edge of the bed. As her eyes traveled up his body to his face, she caught laughter in those marvelous eyes as he watched her take stock in his body.“Love, you don’t have to be afraid. You know who I am even if you don’t want to admit it. I am your soul mate and I have been searching for you for a long time. You need me as much as I need you, Cheri. Don’t deny our love, because I am coming for you.”Raven shivered as those words slammed into her with a desire that almost had her coming on the spot. Shifting a little, Raven asked again, “Who are you?”  Before she could do or say anything else, this towering man took her hand, palm side up and with a kiss in the center said, “I am your destiny!” Raven tried to speak, her lips opened but before she could say one word she felt him tip her face towards his and as he settled those sexy lips on hers, one last thought pierced her already lust filled brain…Damn he is like a decadent dessert…all ready to gobble up unless you slow yourself down to enjoy every last bite. Jean-Claude watched Raven shiver as he pulled her to him. Knowing he had limited time before his power exhausted itself, he tried not to rush things but damn, he wanted her with a passion that shocked even him. Feeling her lithe body against his, he shuddered as desire raced over him and he felt his cock swell even more. He took his time looking at the one woman who could drive him to distraction. Her skin was like heavy cream, with just a hint of golden sunshine in it, eyes that gleamed in the moonlight like uncut emeralds, her honey blond hair he longed to wrap around his naked body. It was enough to make Jean-Claude want to weep in sheer pleasure as he made this goddess of a woman his for all time. It took all his strength not to cum as his fingertips glided around her body.




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