In the spotlight: Esther Mitchell

21 02 2008

Hope of Heaven by Esther Mitchell

        Although unpublished until 2004, Esther Mitchell spent her life writing.  She learned to read on such classics as Gawain & the Green Knight and Beowulf.  Raised in Europe, with its wide exposure to mythology, history, and the paranormal, she quickly became fascinated by the lore of the unseen, culminating in a degree in parapsychology.         Life in a fast-paced, on-the-edge military community ingrained her with both an intimate understanding of the military world, and the ability to craft edgy suspense.      

At the age of eight, she fell in love with romance, thanks to great authors like Christine Smith, Lindsay McKenna, and Cassie Miles.  By the age of twelve, Esther penned the first of a series of Arthurian romances, and was working on what would later become her very first release, the futuristic suspense series, Underground.    

Always dedicated foremost to her writing, she writes under her real name, and has completed about twenty novels to date, of which thirteen have been published, with more to come.  Reviewers and fans alike have dubbed her work “exciting,”  “edge of your seat” and “daring.”  


Blog: the blog are samples of Esther’s fiction, and also information on both her life and on the paranormal) 


****Getting to know Esther: 

Tell us about your upcoming release and what you hope readers will enjoy about it. My next release is HOPE OF HEAVEN, due out from Aspen Mountain Press this Spring.  It’s the second book in my Project Prometheus Paranormal Suspense series.  HOPE OF HEAVEN is set in Ireland, and I hope readers enjoy the unique characters and the rich paranormal detail I provide.

  What do you like to do when you’re not working? 

*laughs* What’s not working?  I’m a little bit of a workaholic, I guess, but I’m always working in some way or another.  I have three different jobs (only one of which is a steady source of income, at the moment), and spend most of my time working in one or another of them.  But in those rare moments of free time that I have, I enjoy reading, movies, and being in the outdoors. 

What season is your favorite and why?

 Hmm… I’d have to say Fall.  I love all of the seasons, but there’s just something about the vibrant, fiery colors of Fall that give me a peaceful, content feeling.

What would we find on your bookcase if we looked? What is one of your favorite authors? 

*laughs* There’s an interesting question.  Which bookshelf?  I have three bookshelves of fiction, another three of research books for writing, and another three of books for my work as a parapsychologist/Metaphysical Therapist.  My fiction books are crammed with Romance, Military suspense, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and classic fiction.  My research shelves have everything from medieval history to modern military warfare, crime and crime scene books to mythology and world religion.  I have maps, atlases, and dictionaries for a wide assortment of languages.  And on my parapsychology shelf (which, yes, I raid often for writing research, as well), I have more mythology, books on the paranormal, and more. 

What was the last book you read (e or print) and did you like it? 

Um… Fiction or non-fiction? *lol* I read a lot more non-fiction than fiction, most times. 

What makes a good book? 

As the saying goes, the devil’s in the details.  I think the best books are the ones with a great deal of research and character development. Something that a reader can really lose themselves in, and can’t put down until the last word’s read.  

 What’s the most interesting thing you’ve ever done? 

*lol* I don’t necessarily consider anything I’ve done to be fascinating.  I look at the events in my life as a part of daily life, so I have no idea exactly how to answer this.  People are usually interested to learn that I grew up in Europe, in a military community (don’t know why, that’s hardly unique).  But most people are particularly interested in hearing about my work with the paranormal.  I’ve been an active paranormal investigator for about twenty years now, and I have a degree (well, everything but the piece of paper at this point) in psychology/parapsychology.

 Boxers or briefs? 

*laugh* I assume you mean which one do I prefer my men in?  *grins* I don’t particularly care. 

Vin Diesel or George Clooney? 

Um… Can I say “neither”? lol… Neither of them have interesting enough faces for me.  I prefer guys with faces that tell a story.  

What else would you like readers to know about you or your work? 

J Everything I am is right there in my books, and I’m always available to answer questions or discuss either my books or the paranormal.  Readers interested in learning more should check out my links and my books, because that’s where you’re going to find out the most about me. 

Where are you published?

 Currently, due to a recent (in the last year) publisher upheaval, I only have two books available – not including HOPE OF HEAVEN, which is due out soon.  The first book of my Project Prometheus series, IN HER NAME, is available through Aspen Mountain Press at My other currently-available title is a charity book entitled BURDEN OF PROOF, available directly from my website at 

 Thanks for coming! J    




3 responses

21 02 2008


I LOVE this cover!!!!! I can’t wait to read it and I thank you for coming to my blog. 🙂


22 02 2008
Jeanne Barrack

Oh, my gosh! What a wonderful cover!
So glad we could really get a good view of it here!
Great interview, Esther!

22 02 2008
Esther Mitchell

Thanks, ladies! I love the cover, too… It fits the book so perfectly. BTW, the book is now available (it went live for sale today!)

This book definitely ranks as one of my favourites to work on. I enjoyed every moment I spent working with Hope and Peter, and I hope they enrich every reader’s life as they did mine. They certainly can teach a thing or two about misconceptions! 🙂

Esther Mitchell

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