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24 02 2008

A Little Charmed Magic by Raine Delight

 A LIttle Charmed Magic

Welcome to Devon Falls, where the residents of this sleepy little town have been thrown in Magic’s radar. One magical Fabrage Egg will capture the heart of a lonely woman and deliver her heart’s desire…in the form of a sensual fae, willing to give her whatever she desires. Hailey Merdith has to trust Tynan with all her heart or all will be lost because Tynan is a fae prince where it is frowned upon to fall in love with a human. He is going to have to break all the rules to have his hearts desire, because for Tynan, being without the one woman who gives him such pleasure and love is like being without air. Will the love of these two unlikely of people be able to fight for the love that has grown between them? Will Hailey walk away from the differneces that engulf them, leaving behind a shattered heart and a broken man?
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One response

24 02 2008
Destiny Blaine

Congrats Raine! I’m so thrilled for you!


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