Cool Vampire Huntress Series I am reading!

29 02 2008

The Damned by L.A. Banks 

I got hooked on L. A. Banks Vampire Huntress Series when I saw it at my local library. I never expected to get so involved in a series where i am jonesing for the next book once I finished the last one. 🙂

Ms. Banks is a delightful writer that delves in the battle of good, bad and spiritalness.(I know can’t spell. lol) 

I just finished reading The Damned and I have to say….HOT DAMN! It was phenominal and one of those can’t put down type of books. Heck the whole series so far has been reading till wee hours of morning! I am off to buy The Foresaken and the rest of the series as I wonder what happens next for Vampire Huntress Damali, her consort Carlos and her Guardian Team. Will she be able to kick hell’s ass and will her Guardian team be able to  handle it all as Armageddon draws near? Will Carlos be able to handle not being a Master Vampire anymore and stay in the light? All these questions are posed through out the books and you get caught up in the story and the lives of these fabulous characters.

I have to thank Ms. Banks for creating a world where she doesn’t preach about religion as all religions are represented one way or another in her books and she delivers a positive and uplifting message amid the war between heaven and hell. But after The Cursed, there are only three more books left (which the latest is The Darkness was just released) according to her website ( and I am hoping there wil be more on her guardians former lives and about some of the major secondary chartacters that pop up throughout the books. It would be nice to know how they came to walk in the light and be a guardian, helper, etc. 🙂

The Darkness by L.A. Banks

So if you are looking for a wonderful vampire series that delivers a positive message and captivates you as the characters grow as each book takes place, then pick up Ms. Banks series and be prepared for some late nights!

The series is as follows:

1: Minion

2: Awakening

3: The Hunted

4: The Bitten

5: The Forbidden

6: The Damned

7: The Foresaken

8: The Wicked

9: The Cursed

Armageddon Finale:

10: The Darkness (New release)

11: Title TBD

12: Title TBD

Anthologies that showcase the Guardians so far:

Love at First Bite

My big fat supernatural wedding




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2 03 2008
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