Join Rita Karnopp in her Release Party TODAY!

7 03 2008
I would love you all to stop in and visit with me Friday night…
After 5:30 pm at ~
for the launch of my latest suspense DARK SPIRIT.

DARK SPIRIT    March 7, 2008

    In’is’kim is infamous for his knowledge of his Blackfeet people and his lectures are sought internationally.  But success is not the problem, keeping a step ahead of a serial killer is.  At each speaking location a woman is murdered, leaving a grizzly trail pointing directly at him.  With the police zeroing in on him, In’is’kim doesn’t have much time left to unravel the clues left by the murderer.

    Skyler receives a Native American medicine card and is convinced her match-making sister is responsible for the sudden appearance of In’is’kim.  It doesn’t take long for Skyler to realize there is something more sinister and frightening going on.  She not only struggles against her attraction to this incredibly handsome man, but also strives to believe his innocence.  Each time she is attacked In’is’kim is no where around.  Is it coincidence, or is this enigmatic stranger not everything he appears to be?




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