In the Spotlight: Melody Knight/N.D. Hansen-Hill

11 03 2008

In Flames by Melody Knight

N. D. Hansen-Hill was the author of 25 fantasy, science fiction, and horror novels until a year ago. That’s when she began writing romances under the pseudonym Melody Knight. Melody now has 5 romantic suspense, sf romance, and sf fantasy novels to her credit, and—more recently—3 novellas. Whether horror novel or erotic novella, all ND’s books are suspenseful. When she’s not writing, ND oil paints, and now has work in 8 countries. She’s also studying archeology, with the goal of qualifying by the end of next year to do contract archeology throughout the Pacific rim. Her books are published widely, with 29 published or contracted by Five Star, Linden Bay Romance, Fictionwise, Drollerie Press, Red Rose Publishing, and Cerridwen Press.

 Getting to know Melody/N.D. Hansen:

Tell us about your latest book and what you think readers will get out of it.

I’ve had two titles released so far this year, one as Melody Knight, and the other as N. D. Hansen-Hill. “In Flames” is a scary romantic suspense with a touch of the paranormal. It is the sequel to “In Trysts”, which was released last year, but is also quite capable of standing on its own as a single title.  If a reader enjoys fast-paced action, mystery, and spontaneous combustion tangled into a heated love story, she will enjoy “In Flames”.

 “ErRatic” is penned by N. D. Hansen-Hill. This is a sometimes terrifying encounter with ghosts and demons, in what seems to be a no-win situation for the heroine. Emma is tougher than she looks, but it takes Harley to unravel the reasons behind the appearance of dead dogs, deceased murderers, and hundreds upon hundreds of rats. Readers who love a good ghost story, escalating action, with a love story running in the background, will enjoy “ErRatic”. 

Can you describe your characters to us? Do you pattern them after anyone you know or is it pure imagination? 

My characters are patterned after everyone I know, have met, have heard, have seen. Occasionally, one character will take on the traits of someone special to me, but usually, my “people” are a combination of both the best and the flawed. I never describe their physical attributes, save to mention “green eyes”, or his “long legs”, and so forth. I do this intentionally, so my readers can become these characters as they read. They aren’t limited by hair color, eye color, or perfection of form.


What genre have you not done but want to in the future?

I’d like to write a historical romance. I’ve written some time travels, with leaps into the past, but I’d like to play with historical detail.

Tell us about your most erotic romantic fantasy. If you could have a 24-hour romantic fling with anyone you wanted, anywhere you wanted, where would you go, what would you do and with whom would you do it?

 I’d want to dive on sunken ships with Clive Cussler. No romance, no eroticism, just discovery. That in itself is romantic to me. I’ve done some wreck diving before, but not for a long time. I’d want to go with Cussler because he plans a number of dives at interesting spots around the planet. Sigh…

If you could have one special super or magical power, what would it be?

To make plants grow. I’d feed the world.

VIN Diesel or Gerard Butler?

Gerard Butler is better looking, in my opinion, but I like action-adventure films.

Who’s more fun to write about: Bad boys or perfect gentlemen and why?

Bad boys but not men who are bad to women-merely men who have inner battles.

Do you watch reality TV? If so, what is one of your guilty pleasures? If not, what do you prefer watchng?

I prefer to watch anything SF.

If you could visit any time and place, where and when would it be and why?

I’d want to see the Mayan pryamids. I’ve written about them but never seen them. The time? Now.

Where can readers reach you?

If they visit, there is a “contact” link. Either that, or visit MySpace. I do my best to answer comments and mail ( 

Where are you published?

Drollerie Press, Red Rose Publishing, Cerridwen Press, Five Star, Linden Bay Romance, Fictionwise 

Thanks for stopping in and I hope you enjoy yourself. J




9 responses

11 03 2008

Thanks for being in the spotlight Melody/ND. I enjoyed learningmore about your books and you. They all sound wonderful! Can’t wait to check them out fully and added them to my TBR list. 🙂


11 03 2008
Jane Beckenham

Sounds like you’re a busy lady Melody. Do you find it hard writing the romantic/erotic scenes as against the gargoyles and aliens under your ND Hansen-Hill hat.


11 03 2008
Melody Knight

Thank you for having me, Raine. I really enjoyed your questions.

Hi, Jane. Much of our writing is determined by the characters and where they take us, isn’t it? I think a brief that limited my first book to romantic suspense, with the storyline as secondary, really helped me to learn how character-oriented romance writing really is. When I’m wearing my ND hat, it’s all about the action, the drama, the reaction to events. As Melody, it’s more about how the two main characters react to each other despite the setbacks.
I have to say the only time I had real problems with keeping the two separate occurred when I was writing a YA fantasy novel at the same time I was writing an erotic fantasy. Good Lord, but it was difficult remembering where I was heading with the YA! Romantic antics can be a serious distraction!

Cheers and best wishes,

11 03 2008
Shiela Stewart

I was amazed at how many books you have published and I was honored to be able to showcase them on my blog. All of them sound utterly facinating and I can’t wait to read them. Now…which one should I pick first. LOL

When I grow up I want to be you, Melody. 🙂

11 03 2008
linda bass



12 03 2008
J.K. Coi

Congrats on your release of In Flames, Melody. I can’t wait to read it! And now you’ve got me intrigued to check out your books under the ND Hansen-Hill name.

J.K. Coi

14 03 2008
linda bass


14 03 2008
linda bass


10 04 2008

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