In the Spotlight: Adrianne Brennan

25 03 2008

Blood of the Dark Moon by Adrianne Brennan

Adrianne Brennan stumbled into her love of writing by accident at the tender age of ten when she was given a creative writing assignment for her science class. The end result was her writing a brief science fiction comedy featuring numerous puns regarding vegetables. Once the writing bug bit, it bit pretty hard, and from the age of fourteen onwards she began working on a lengthy fantasy novel.
At this time, this fantasy novel is still a work in progress as she continues to focus on her other works, including the Dark Moon series featuring her recently published work, Blood of the Dark Moon featuring vampires, magick, secret societies, and romance.

Adrianne’s works are currently published through Aphrodite’s Apples Press and she is a member of the Romance Writer’s of America, EPIC, and the Midnight Seductions Authors group.

An avid reader, Adrianne has been most influenced by various science fiction and fantasy authors including Madeleine L’Engle, Roger Zelazny, Laurell K. Hamilton, Neil Gaiman, and Alan Moore. Like her main character from Blood of the Dark Moon, she professes a love for Iamblichus and Greek philosophy.

The author resides in Boston, Massachusetts with two cats and a car she has aptly named “the TARDIS.” She assures her readers that people tell her it looks bigger on the inside.

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Getting to know Adrianne:

Tell us about your latest book and what you think readers will get out of it.  My book, Blood of the Dark Moon, is the first in the Dark Moon series.  It’s part dark fantasy, part urban fantasy, part vampire, part vampire erotica, part paranormal romance, part action… oh, heck, there’s a little bit of everything in it and I try to have new takes on old legends.  It’s about a young woman named Amanda who’s a Classical Studies grad student.  She’s a bit of a geek, a workaholic, and very driven towards her career, personal, and spiritual goals.  Then she meets Jesse, a young man who throws that out of balance, but demonstrates a surprising amount of interests in common with her.  Naturally a whirlwind romance ensues.  Little does she know that he’s actually a vampire, and one who belongs to a secret society of vampires who study and practice magick.  He must make a choice about where he wants their relationship to go, and that determines her future–as well as the end of the life she knew.

The book is about Amanda’s adjustment to her life, to her relationship with Jesse, and most importantly, to her relationship with herself.

Can you describe your characters to us? Do you pattern them after anyone you know or is it pure imagination?  Sometimes I take snippets from friends as well as myself, but it’s mostly imagination–plus how they turn out is NEVER as I plan it.  The characters write themselves.  😛

What genre have you not done but want to in the future?   I don’t think that there’s a genre I haven’t done, but more one I haven’t done in a while–beyond fan fic, I haven’t had the opportunity to write original science fiction in quite some time and I rather miss it.

Tell us about your most erotic romantic fantasy. If you could have a 24-hour romantic fling with anyone you wanted, anywhere you wanted, where would you go, what would you do and with whom would you do it?   I’d have to say the current Doctor from the new Doctor Who episodes.  As for where and what… let me put it this way:  I have a fabulous drink recipe called “Sex in the TARDIS.”  The key to this recipe is making it sooo sweet and sooo good that you don’t know how powerful it is until BAM! you’re on the floor.  I think that this will suffice for my description!  😀

If you could have one special super or magical power, what would it be?  Teleportation through time and space, including parallel universes.  🙂
If you could visit any time and place, where and when would it be and why?  Ancient Greece, to see all of the ancient temples and how they looked back in the day.

Who’s more fun to write about, bad boys or perfect gentlemen and why?  Bad boys are more interesting but best yet, take a perfect gentleman with an inner bad boy.  Aw yeah!  Complexity rules!!

Do you watch reality TV? If so, what is one of your guilty pleasures? If not, then what do you prefer to watch?  No, I don’t.  I prefer science fiction and fantasy shows.  My favorites include Doctor Who, Torchwood, Babylon 5, and Star Trek.

VIN Diesel or Gerard Butler?  Neither–give me David Tennant instead!  😀

Where can readers reach you?  On one of my many blogs or by email at

Where can we find your books to buy?

Thanks for coming Adrianne. 🙂




5 responses

25 03 2008

Thanks for coming and I love this story. I can’t wait to read more of it! It has alot of word building and in depth characters! What inspired you to write it?


25 03 2008

This sounds like a fabulous read. I like having secret societies thrown in with vampires and magick, all of which are favorite topics of mine. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this. Best of luck with your writing Adrianne. With your broad range of interests, it doesn’t sound like you’ll be running out of story ideas any time soon.

25 03 2008
Adrianne Brennan

Thanks Raine! I’m glad that you liked it. 🙂

I’d have to say what inspired me would be a combination of very interesting dreams plus my own imagination. I love writing in the paranormal genre and am an avid reader of such. My goal was to take the concept of vampires and give them a bit of a twist. Fans of shows like Torchwood and Buffy and readers of the Da Vinci code may especially like what I did. I find the whole idea of secret societies and magick to be intriguing, and wanted to present it in a way that was both fantastical but also real, and engaging. I hope that I succeeded!

25 03 2008
Adrianne Brennan

Thanks, Deidre! You’ll be happy to know it’s the first of a series and I have another two books in the series forthcoming. One is the first book’s sequel and another is a short story which is being expanded into a novella. 🙂

27 03 2008
Rayne Forrest

No Gerry Butler? Cool! More for me LOL!!! Great interview, Adrianne 🙂

Rayne Forrest

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