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30 04 2008

I found this new GBLT publisher that is showcasing the darker side of GBLT and erotica. So without further ado, I introduce you to one of their authors, Jesse Fox and her brand spanking new book, Shadows Beneath.

Tell us about your new book and what inspired it?

        Shadows Beneath is a GBLT-erotic/paranormal story set in the fictional town of Bauman’s Creek. The central character is grad-student and historian Tristan Pryce who volunteers for as a member of a group led by a retired professor. Their job is to catalogue the inventory of a home that was left to the State of Illinois by the final member of Evans family. It’s a professional opportunity for all the members and when Tristan comes into town, he fights his instincts to back out after he meets Jake Bauman the sexy, bad boy grandson of the professor in charge with a dark past.

Throughout the story, Tristan fights both his attraction to Jake who he deems dangerous and the supernatural forces that have inhabited Evans House for over a century. It’s a story of lost love, reincarnation, and possession. However, it’s also a story about the strength and endurance of the human soul that crosses gender lines. It gives a glimpse into how small communities have the ability to ignore the skeletons in their closets no matter how horrifying they may be.


The initial idea for the story was inspired by a true ghost story from the Columbia, Missouri area that I read over a decade ago in a collection of ghost stories from the Mid-west.


How did you name the characters? Were they after friends, other people you knew or just pure imagination?


Some of the names such as Tristan I just love, others are names of people that have touched my life in some way. I named one of the characters after my father who passed away 15 years ago.


How much research was done for this book?


I couldn’t begin to tell you to be honest—definitely hours. I actually live in St. Louis and travelled along the Great River Road on the Illinois side of the Mississippi. It’s a beautiful, scenic place with tons of small river towns along it. Growing up in a town of 400 in Missouri gave me first-hand experience when it comes to small town America. As far as the paranormal/paganism aspects go, I’ve got a huge collection of reference books on the subject. Since I was a child, I’ve been obsessed with the paranormal. I grew up in a haunted house and I think that’s part of the reason the subject fascinates me. I’m a solitary practitioner of Paganism that focuses on my Celtic/Gaelic roots and that came in handy when creating the character of Jake.


What do you do to relax when not writing?


Writing is my relaxation actually. It’s always been my escape that and reading. I also adore horror movies and spend time torturing my friends with them. LOL


Finally, where are you published and what do you have coming next?


Dark Roast Press is my publisher and you can check them out at


I’m working on my next GBLT/Paranormal novel entitled Le Jardin de la Lumière. I’m actually working my proverbial and literal butt off because it was originally a short story. My publisher and I are aiming for a May 2008 release date. Wish me luck and keep your fingers cross.

Sneak peek into Shadows Beneath:

Tristan stood, walking to the kitchen sink, where he emptied his barely touched cup down the drain, and watched the dark liquid swirl away. His gaze lifted to the window above the sink, his thoughts muddled as he studied the garden beyond. He wasn’t even really seeing anything. “Do you believe the dead can speak to the living?” He refused to look at Jake, ashamed of the warm tears that threatened to fall.

            “I know they do, Tristan. I’ve heard them often when I’m alone at night.” He moved behind Tristan and wrapped his arms around his waist, causing him to flinch as if the touch had burned him. Beneath his embrace, Jake could feel Tristan’s stomach convulse as he tried to swallow back his tears, and fought the urge to pull away from the intimacy of the embrace. “Is that what happened in the attic, Tristan? Did she speak through me?’

            “Who the hell is she?” Tristan turned and pulled away from Jake’s embrace.

“I told you something was here, but you refused to believe. Why is that so hard for you? Why can’t you believe? Deep inside I know you believe what I’m saying is the truth.” Anger tinged Jake’s words.

            “I’ll lose myself.” Tristan turned away, eyes glazed over. “Don’t you understand? For just a moment, I felt myself slipping. She took my control away!” Swinging his arm out, Tristan sent everything clattering from the counter to the floor. Shattering glass and the tinkling of metal echoed in the kitchen, then faded, leaving only Tristan’s harsh breathing audible in the silence. Fists clenched he fell to his knees as he tried to catch a breath.        

            With a soft sigh, Jake knelt next to him among the broken glasses and scattered silverware. He hesitantly wrapped his arms around Tristan’s trembling body again and rested his chin on his slumped shoulder. Lifting his head, Tristan looked straight into the eyes of the man who had terrified him less than an hour ago. That was when he realized it. He wasn’t alone in this nightmare; he never had been.

            “Our secret, Tristan, our secret, and no one else will ever know.” He hummed softly, fingers sliding up along his back. “Together we’ll discover what she wants.” Jake’s fingers lifted and tangled in his hair, pulling him close.

            “She wants me…” Tristan whimpered as their eyes met.

            “Well, she can’t have you.” His lips lowered to Tristan’s in a whisper of a kiss.

            Sweeter than any taste that had ever touched these lips before, Tristan thought.

            “You belong to me now, Tristan.” Something flashed in Jake’s eyes, something Tristan wasn’t sure he could put a name to.

            His arms moved to surround Jake, their kiss intensifying, lips parting with a faint sigh. In his embrace, the fear began to melt and Tristan’s body shivered with need. Jake’s touch was addictive, yet still terrifying. Tristan knew that he was right, that he belonged to him now, even if that scared him like nothing else.








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30 04 2008

Wow, Jesse, last time we talked no cover and this one is a beaut! I love this excerpt and the premise of the story intrigues me. I am definitly going ot have to check this publisher out and see what they have to offer!

How is the next book going? Will it be released soon? 🙂


30 04 2008
Jesse Fox

Thank you so much. It was wonderful working with DRP on the cover as well as the editing of the book. The entire experience as been a great experience. I wanted to give you an excerpt that no one else had seen something that spoke both to the relationship between the central characters and hinted at the paranormal aspects. I hope you do check us out–we’ve got some lovely writers over there and I know that my publisher is working hard to get more writers involved.

The new book is getting there. I’m really hoping it will be out at the end of May if not it’ll be out the beginning of June. Definitely shooting for May though! 🙂

Thanks again for featuring my novel. It is much appreciated.

Jesse Fox

1 05 2008
Rhiannon Rhodes

Thank you Raine for taking the time to showcase Dark Roast and Jesse Fox. We are working hard to get our May releases out so support like this makes it all worthwhile.

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