In the Spotlight: Cynnara Tregarth

6 05 2008

Born in the Windy City of Chicago, Illinois, Cynnara Tregarth learned to read and write at a very early age. As she puts it—when you can’t trust your parents to read EVERY page of a story, you got to do it yourself. But then she got into the whole storytelling thing—and her mom told her to write down the stories she couldn’t tell out loud at play time. Little did her mom realize that she had given Cynnara the best gift of all- the love of writing.

When Cynnara held her first female author fantasy novel (Mercedes Lackey), she had also read her first romance novel. At that moment—Cynnara knew what she wanted to do for a living and she knew where she wanted to dip her feet in genre-wise. So, in 2003, she did just that.

Nowadays, you can find Cynnara living in the Penis State, aka Florida and enjoying the warm sunshine and the interesting male creatures as they go by on their daily duties. Though she plans to have homes all over the world—she wants two things now—a personal assistant and someone to massage her aches away.



Getting to Know Cynnara:


Tell us about your upcoming release and what you hope readers will enjoy about it.  My current release out is Shades of Fyre at Red Rose Publishing( I hope readers enjoy it because I do something I’ve always wanted to do—take one of history’s mysteries and explain some of it in which I wish would be the case. I adore Amarna and the 18th dynasty of Egypt was one of the most tumultuous times ever. Nothing is ever sacrosanct since so much was destroyed, so by putting the Elemental Guardians in that time and allowing myself to give Pharaoh Akhenaten a new place to live— it indulged in one of my favourite fantasies.


What do you like to do when you’re not working? I love to read, catch up with TV programs (I’m a BBC America fanatic!), and spend time with my male. Then there’s the phone yapping as I call it. LOL


What season is your favorite and why? I don’t really have one favourite season—though I dislike winter. I do NOT enjoy being a frozen Cynsicle. It’s not polite. But I will say that spring in Florida is fantastic and summer, though really hot, is just one way to enjoy all the cool indoor stuff you never do any other time of the year!

What would we find on your bookcase if we looked? What is one of your favorite authors? If you looked at only one bookcase, I’d giggle. I’ve got 3 of them and need about 3 more. You’d find research binders filled with archaeology stuff and other history research. You’d find fiction, nonfiction and more. Authors? Hmm there are so many….but I’m finding myself delving into Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden books again recently after having done a huge Laurell K Hamilton Merry Gentry read. You’ll see a lot more erotic romance and fantasy stuff on my shelves with tons of paranormal romance thrown int.

What was the last book you read (e or print) and did you like it? Just finished Small Favors by Jim Butcher—the latest Dresden Files book. OMG, it ROCKED! I still am pissed at what was done to Ivy, the Archive…but the one liners and everything just flowed perfectly. Then there’s the happy part for Harry. That made me smile. Now if only we can get Thomas’ story already—I COULD be even happier!


What makes a good book? Hmm, this is hard, because I’m picky. Seriously. I love authors who’ve done their research and manage to layer in information in such a way I have this craving to know more on certain topics. The plot has to really suck me in and leave me wanting to keep the book going, even when it’s finished. The characters have to be strong and seem real to me. I hate wimpy ass characters—especially when they’re TSTL (too stupid to live). Then I throw the books and find myself rejecting future works by that author oftentimes. I know in a romance novel, it’s all about the romance—but to me, I find that a bit…boring at times. Give me a good plot and having the characters fall for each other as they’re trying to get through what’s happening—and I’m SO there. It’s hard to explain, but I’m more attracted to stories where falling in love happens because it happens, but it’s not the main plot. *shrugs* I’m a mainstream reader who likes really hot kinky sex in her books. LOL I’m also an author who does the same. Who knew?

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve ever done? Define interesting. *grins evilly* I’ve done a LOT of interesting things—from jumping out of an airplane with my boyfriend (we were skydiving), to going to fetish clubs, to singing at the local theatre. Many a thing I have done, which interesting thing you wanna know?

Boxers or briefs? *blinks* Umm boxer briefs or commando.


Ben Affleck or Matt Damon to save the world?  Ryan Reynolds. Hugh Jackman. Keanu Reeves. But not Ben Affleck or Matt Damon. If I HAVE to choose between them……*sigh* Ben Affleck.

What else would you like readers to know about you or your work? I like pushing boundaries—both sexually and emotionally in my work. I like to show there is so much more to life than the boxes we live in. By reading, we get to stretch and grow in ways that we might not have the opportunity to do otherwise. I also appreciate my readers very very much. They’ve stood by me for the past 2-1/2 years when they could’ve walked away. They’re my heroes for being there when my mom died and I thank the gods and goddesses for them every day.


Where are you published?

Loose Id—

Red Rose Publishing—

Thanks for coming and I hope you enjoyed yourself!

















6 responses

6 05 2008

Hi Cyn,

Thanks for coming by and I loved this cover and I just couldn’t choose. lol How do you find the inspiration for your work?


6 05 2008
Sloane Taylor

Hi Cyn,

Enjoyed your interview and LOVED your cover. Sounds like a book I need to own!

6 05 2008
Ashlyn Chase

Great blog, Cynn!

The story of how you learned to read and write so early is so you! LOL.


6 05 2008

Hi, Sismine!

Loved the interview. And I completely agree with your first choice to save the world!

Oh, I do have one complaint…you left out one thing you enjoy doing when you’re not working…Surfing/Reading Gutterfic with yours truly. *ggg*

Always and forever!

6 05 2008
Michelle Hasker

Great interview!
Fabulous cover!

Is this Treaty of Desire expanded and with more goodies?

6 05 2008

ROTFLMAO, thanks all! Let’s see… how to answer things in time. LOLOL

How do I find inspiration? Honestly– newspapers, TV, movies…and people watching. I LOVE people watching. Sometimes I go to the mall or the bookstore or just out to lunch or something just to sit and watch how people interact with each other. It actually helps in learning how people are beginning to be more afraid of face-to-face communication in this digital age of ours. Then you see others who haven’t had that and you see them touching regularly, the open hints of “I like you” and such.

Then give me a story where I HATE how it turns. Then I’m bound to take that basic plot idea and put it where it was SUPPOSED to go. LMAO

Shar– explaining gutterfic would be encouraging way too many people to send me some. *blinks* Hey……I SHOULD have mentioned gutterfic! I’ve found some Dr. Who and Torchwood gutterfic the other day. WHOOO HOOO!!!

I love the cover for Treaty of Desire. Originally, we were trying to figure a way to show Taja shifting before Adras…but we couldn’t quite make it happen. So, this is what we came up with and I admit– it’s a damn great cover and it truly gives a great feel for how I’ve imagined Helia.

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