In the Spotlight: Pamela Thibedeaux

8 05 2008


Award-winning author, Pamela S. Thibodeaux is the Co-Founder/President & Treasurer of Bayou Writers Group in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Multi-published in romantic fiction as well as creative non-fiction, her writing has been tagged as, “Inspirational with an Edge!” and reviewed as “steamier and grittier than the typical Christian novel without decreasing the message.”



Getting to know Pamela:


Tell us about your latest book and what you think readers will get out of it.

By latest book, I’m not sure if you mean Latest Release, Latest Contracted, or Latest Written so I’ll answer in general about all of my books. My prayer is that everyone who reads my books and/or short stories will gain a new perspective on a relationship with Jesus Christ. So many people, Christians included, love, honor, and respect God and Jesus but do not indulge in or take advantage of a personal relationship with Him. They don’t know what they’re missing! God is very real to me. He is a very personal God and desires to for us to walk and talk with Him on a daily –even moment by moment- basis. I try to show this type of relationship through my characters in lieu of them being ‘saintly’ or ‘religious.’ There is a difference. J


Can you describe your characters to us? Do you pattern them after anyone you know or is it pure imagination?

I’m sure every author patterns characters after someone they know—to a certain degree. I can’t name any one person about whom I can say “this character is so-and-so to a T.” However, any character can be described as a combination of many people I know. For instance, he or she may have one friend’s eyes, another’s personality, another’s grit, etc.


What genre have you not done but want to in the future?

I would LOVE to do a historical romance one day and possibly a time travel.


Tell us about your most erotic romantic fantasy. If you could have a 24-hour romantic fling with anyone you wanted, anywhere you wanted, where would you go, what would you do and with whom would you do it?

Oh boy, you are really trying to get me in trouble here LOL!  Fantasy right? George Straight, someplace exotic and secluded, just sit and listen to him sing and talk. Honestly! There is something about the man that intrigues me. Why he comes off this way to me, I have no idea but IMHO he’s the epitome of all things good. Maybe it’s the songs he sings, or that he appears to be humble and gracious in spite of his obvious success. He sticks to his personal beliefs and style of music…I don’t know but I’d love to have 24 hrs to sit and chat and listen to him sing.

If you could have one special super or magical power, what would it be? The ability to change hearts and impact lives in a way that made all people realize the power of love and forgiveness.


If you could visit any time and place, where and when would it be and why? Jerusalem, at the time of Jesus, to sit at His feet and listen; to visit with His mother and His followers; to touch the hem of His garment and be a first-hand witness to His miracles.


Who’s more fun to write about, bad boys or perfect gentlemen and why? Well, I’ve never written about a really bad boy as some would describe and not in the way that some do.  I think it’s more fun to write about a man who has deep-seated reasons for his current feelings and to watch him grow and evolve into the gentleman that he truly is beneath the rough and tough façade he portrays.


Do you watch reality TV? If so, what is one of your guilty pleasures? If not, then what do you prefer to watch? I’m not a big fan of reality TV. I do however; occasionally sit with my husband when he watches things like Cops, Ocean Force, and other “actually” shows.  Honestly, I’m not a big fan of TV, period. I will sit through a good movie or biography or animal show, but TV is just not my thing. Give me a good book, good music or just leave me alone with my computer. J


VIN Diesel or Gerard Butler?

Uuuhhh, who?


Where can readers reach you?








And any number of networking sites like, Amazon, Bebo, Inspired Author, Good Reads, Shoutlife, etc. Just Google my name, I’m everywhere LOL!


Where are you published?

My ‘Tempered’ series is published through ComStar Media, LLC and are available in Ebook and Print.


My debut single title novel, The Inheritance as well as 3 short stories are published through The Wild Rose Press The Inheritance is available in Ebook and Print and the short stories are available as downloads only.


My upcoming release, The Visionary will be published later this year by Enspiren Press


Thanks for stopping in and I hope you enjoy yourself. J

Thank you for inviting me! I have enjoyed myself immensely. J


Pamela S Thibodeaux

“Inspirational with an Edge!”





2 responses

8 05 2008

Thanks for coming and sharing some of your work with us. I really love your covers and had a hard time choosing just one to showcase. lol Who did them?

What inspired your Tempered series?

Thansk for being here!

9 05 2008
Pamela S Thibodeaux

Hi Raine!

The publishers did all of my covers. The ‘Tempered’ series was originally going to be only 2 books…Tempered Hearts (1) and Tempered Fire (3). However, as I worked through Tempered Hearts and Dr. Scott Hensley came onto the scene, I was reminded of a blurb about a battered woman and I just KNEW that he would make the perfect hero for her and that I had to write the story. Then, as Ace came on the scene and grew up, he started telling me his story and the rest, as they say, is history. LOL!

Thanks again for having me!

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