Twenty Wishes Challenge

13 05 2008

Twenty Wishes…what would you do with those wishes? Would you wish for a house, a vacation around the world, a trip to the moon? What would it be? That is the premise of this new, heartwarming story from author Debbie Macomber that took me less than 3 hours to read. It is full of laughter, redemtion and love the only way this author knows how to do it: straight to the heart of her readers.

So I decided to see what my twenty wishes might be. Well I only have a few at the moment so here it goes:

1) Take a long overdue first vacation with the kids & my boytoy, someplace warm, where we can relax on the beach, watch sunsets and collect shells. 🙂

2) Learn Italian then go to Italy for a few weeks, exploring.

3) Learn to knit something, anything. I want to be able to say “I did that!”

4) Visit NYC and see the sights!

5) Watch a thunderstorm roll into the area with my honey and dance in the rain.

6) Visit Ireland and see where legends of the fae came from.

I know they may seem whimsical and not practical but when you think on it, wishes are just that: Not practical, straight from the heart and might be attainable someday. Will I ever go overseas, with border crossing getting tougher and security at airports the pits? No idea but can still dream of it one day. Can I dance in the rain? Well maybe once it stays warmer here in my neck of the woods *smiles* and I can do it then without catching the ague. lol

Twenty Wishes…seems so many yet when you think on it…it makes perfect sense in seeing what our hearts long for deep inside.

So go ahead and dream big because frankly, any other way would be futile! What are your twenty wishes?




One response

13 05 2008
Anita Birt

I must buy Debbie’s book. However, about 20 wishes! I have travelled extensively, I knit all the time. I knitted a beautiful coat a couple of years ago. I have a lived an interesting life and truly do not wish for much. Good health until I cast off this mortal coil. We have sufficient income, can’t ask for more – although I do wish the royalties for my four books with Cerridwen Press would escalate into six figures – how about five?

Now wait, wishes have to be under my control. This isn’t a wish it’s a comment. I am blessed with an excellent memory. I wish to keep it! I haven’t wished for much but I liked your blog.and have babbled on long enough.

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