In the Spotlight: Dorice Nelson

20 05 2008

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Getting to know Dorice Nelson:

Tell us about your upcoming release and what you hope readers will enjoy about it.

Hopefully, my upcoming release will be my contemporary suspense/woman’s chiller novel, Vengeance Is Mine. It has a bit of murder, mayhem and mystery to it, plus an unusual villain. “Horsewoman Ayden Mahoney struggles with an ‘in-the-red’ Thoroughbred Horse Farm, two half-sisters she’s never known about, a former, never-forgotten lover and a murderer who threatens to kill her and whatever family she has.”


What do you like to do when you’re not working?

Before my move to a small, rural mid-state village in New York, I enjoyed the Adirondack Mountains, walking with my dog and my horse and just smelling the air. I have always enjoyed reading and do so in every spare minute. I like to research, read history and come up with scenarios…I’m laughing. I don’t think I’m ever not working. I’m a woman and a wife—so jobs just arrive.


What season is your favorite and why?

I love autumn because of the gorgeous foliage. We have what the folks in this town call a mountain at the back of our property. The color in the fall is breathtaking. I also love the cold, so I really like winter a lot. Even below zero weather doesn’t bother me. I used to ski and enjoy winter sports. Spring is pretty and summer is far too hot for me to enjoy unless I’m in the water. I guess I’m a mountain, water and trees kinda’ gal.


What would we find on your bookcase if we looked?

You’d find all sorts of books on Ireland and Scotland. Many of my characters are Celts, and I adore them. History book stand on the shelves, plus most of the New York Times Book Reviews books. I like to read what’s long gone and what’s current.


Who is one of your favorite authors?

I love so many I think I’ll just name a few. (Grisham, Cobin, Brockman, Roberts, Martini, George, Follett, King, Coontz, Kuntz and a myriad of others.)


What was the last book you read (e or print) and did you like it?

I just finished a book of Suz Brockman—not her latest. I’m catching up on some of her past novels. Of the three I read, I absolutely loved two of them. She’s a good writer and a lovely person.


What makes a good book?

I guess I’m a traditionalist. I like a good beginning, a middle that doesn’t sag or make me lose interest and an ending that satisfies. If something clicks with me while reading, I love the book—until I find the next one. I love to read and so I’m easy to entertain.


What’s the most interesting thing you’ve ever done?

I think my experiences as a ocean lifeguard on the Northeast coast was interesting—especially when dolphins were about. But, the thing I loved most was my relationship with my dogs and my horses. I loved riding, liked the breeding aspect but loved the showing over fences.


Boxers or briefs?

Now, that depends on the guy who’s wearing them.


Vin Diesel or George Clooney?

Again, it depends on the guy and what’s happening. I’m not much for hero worship/


What else would you like readers to know about you or your work?

That I enjoy writing more than most things. I love my time at the computer and I even love to hold that pencil in my hand and let the words flow. My books are historically accurate, except for the fact that I drag my characters, kicking and screaming, through the worst of history.


Where are you published?

I am published with Write Words, Incorporated, in both their print and ebook divisions. My books are at Amazon, Borders, Target and Fictionwise. My publisher is wonderful and she’s being very patient, waiting for Vengeance Is Mine or the sequels to Saratoga Summer: 1863 and Clan Gunn: Gerek.






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20 05 2008

Thanks for being in the spotlight Dorice. 🙂 What inspires your writing?


20 05 2008

And my thanks goes to you. I think my writing is inspired by the folks I meet, the animals I’ve tended and the history I read. Life is so big and I do enjoy the living of it.

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