5 06 2008

Ok I had to list these after reading them in June’s redbook magazine. ๐Ÿ™‚ Which one would you do???

9: Sit in front of the roller coaster-raise your hands when plunging down and scream really loud!

8. Finally jump off the high dive at local pool

7. Write that letter to your very 1st summer love who tore your heart to shreds and then tell him how amazing your life is now and how you are better off without him! THEN do NOT send it!

6. Visit a local summer music festival-wearย  your sexiest tank top and channel your inner wild child.

5. Indulge in a raucous water fight

4. Plan a backward dinner party-eat dessert first, then main course and then finally an appetizer.

3. Sleep outside- if you are worried that its too chilly, grab a double wide sleeping bag and get frisky with your significant other under the stars.

2. Go make-up free for a week.

and finally…………………..

1. Skinny dip with your honey!


Ok gang what’s on your must do list???




10 responses

6 06 2008

Oooooh, I’d love to do number 6 and after letting my inner wild child free, do number 1!!! Whoohoo!!!!

Of course, I would add stuff like…..lick ice cream off my honey.

And you’d never get me on a roller coaster…..ugh!!!


6 06 2008

2. Go make-up free for a week.
The others are way too far out for me; lol, at one time #2 would have been too far out to even consider going without make-up but now I can do it.

6 06 2008

LOL I agree on the roller coaster one Val. I told BT this list and he thought #1 was interesting *EG* and possible do the water fight..in the rain. Going to get wet anyways. lol

I don’t wear makeup so thatone is doable for me. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for entering.

6 06 2008

as i rarely wear makeup.. thats an easy one.. hmm the rest? well.. lol..
im not very much of a daredevil , well not since i had my kids and hit 40 last month..lol..
summer plans? spend as much time with hubby as i can before he leaves for Iraq again.. and read read read..

6 06 2008
Jean P

#9 definitely. #1 my husband would be all for *L*

6 06 2008

What I really need to do is clean and organize my house, I just don’t want to do it.
I couldn’t do #2, I feel naked without my makeup, unless I’m going to be at home.

The music festival sounds nice or maybe a water park.


6 06 2008

I would have the backward dinner but just serve desserts and I would have it on Superbowl Sunday and invite all our frineds Then we women would skinny dip in our pool….. that way, the men at the party would have to chose which they would watch. I guarantee my husband would be in eating the desserts first regardless of what else is happening!

6 06 2008

Indulge in a raucous water fight
That one sounds fun to me. I just don’t like being outside when it’s hot so summer is not my favorite season. My must-do summer activities revolve more around food–pick a tomato and eat it while it’s still warm from the sun, eat a perfectly ripe peach, go raspberry picking, etc. ๐Ÿ™‚

6 06 2008
Margaret L

I would do number six

7 06 2008
Kimmy L

6. Visit a local summer music festival-wear your sexiest tank top and channel your inner wild child.
1. Skinny dip with your honey!

You have some really great must do ideas. LOL
How about these:
do a singing video and put on You Tube
organize a mini sports event among your friends and invite everyone to watch.

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