Contest I am involved in!

19 06 2008

Look for this symbol


Twin Flames of Imbolc


Cynnara Tregarth and Sharyn Tregarth

Release Date: June 19, 2008

Contest Dates: June 19-July 03




In honor of their June release of Twin Flames of Imbolc, Cynnara is holding a contest for two beautiful Ankh necklaces.  Twin Flames of Imbolc releases may be purchased from Red Rose Publishing ( To enter our contest go to under the author’s page to find this symbol    and the lyrics to “Walk Like an Egyptian”. To make it a bit easier we are naming a few of the authors that may have the symbol and the lyrics on their websites or blog spots.

Those authors are:

Sloane Taylor

Maura Anderson

Raine Delight

Emma Ray Garrett

Michelle Hasker

Lena Austin


The instructions for the contest are you locate the authors and the author’s pages that have the lyrics and the walk symbol .  You then email Cynnara’s manager at with the names of the authors and the URL of where you found the lyrics. You will need to have all four authors listed to be entered into the drawing. Cynnara and Merri will then chose two names in a random drawing for the Ankh necklaces. You can view a picture of the necklaces on the PRP website.  The winners will be announced on July 7, 2008 on Cynnara’s website (, the PRP website ( and Cynnara’s group website ( 


Good Luck!




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