Check out the new Celia Kyle Book: Fiery Ember!

9 07 2008

Ok I got to say this first, I am a little biased in Celia Kyle’s favor since she did my very first cover at Aspen Mountain Press (Devon Falls: Fiery Magic) and it is freaking awesome! I heard so many awesome comments and compliments on it that I can’t stop singing her praises. *grins*

But today I want to give you a peek into her newest book from Resplendance Publishing. It  looks to be another winner for this talented author and I hope you check it out. Here is the blurb and buy link! So GO BUY IT!!! Celia needs to make another cover for me. LOL

Blurb for Fiery Ember:
Buy link:

Ember Ellason is a darned good secretary. True, she’d like to be more, but since her father’s passing, her step-mother has taken over as CEO of Ellason Advertising, and Clementine Ellason feels Ember is only good enough to fetch coffee… barely. But when Clementine and her horrid daughters fail to show up for the meeting with the biggest client they could ever land, Ember saves the day by impersonating her step-mother.

Paul Ashe needs a new ad campaign and he’s found the perfect company with the perfect proposal in Ellason Advertising. Too bad his body is a little too interested in the voluptuous CEO with her fiery red hair and blazing green eyes. Then he can’t seem to find the elusive woman after their first intimate tryst, and is left with only a pair of panties to remember her by.

Will this Cinderella tale end in happily ever after? Or will Ember be separated from her panties—and her prince—for ever more?


So go ahead…you know you want to…go buy it, read it and dream of characters that will keep you entertained on simmering for more!




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