Shooting a muse sounds like fun!

28 07 2008

I need a break…heck maybe a vaction, on a beach, with cabana boys to be at my beck and call. *sighs* Why you may ask? My muse has upped and pulled a disappearing act right in the middle of a major push for a manuscript that I need to finish ASAP! Add in characters that are just bickering and making me want to tie them to a tree and leave them there to writing over 3,ooo words and coming the next day to have to throw them out because, basically, it sucked! I am ready to bang my head against the wall in frustration and anxiety.

Can it really get even worse? Not sure but I am determined to finish this Manuscript this week even if it means writing all night long while honey and kids are asleep with a pot of tea next to me. These characters are going to fall into line or else I am going to shoot them in the foot. *grins manically*

And here I though Jax would give grief to Rodrick in Haunting Magic. Oh no, instead I get it from them both and I am ready to scream!

*shakes head*

I need to go make dinner and do laundry. Maybe that will calm my nerves and clear my head. This stress is making me sick and annoyed. 😦

Thanks for listening!

Raine D.




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