In the Spotlight: Jey Mykles

29 07 2008

Jet’s been writing sex stories back as far as junior high. Back then, the stories involved her favorite pop icons of the time but she soon extended beyond that realm into making up characters of her own. To this day, she hasn’t stopped writing sex, although her knowledge on the subject has vastly improved.


An ardent fan of fantasy and science fiction sagas, Jet prefers to live in a world of imagination where dragons are real, elves are commonplace, vampires are just people with special diets and lycanthropes live next door. In her own mind, she’s the spunky heroine who gets the best of everyone and always attracts the lean, muscular lads. She aids this fantasy with visuals created through her other obsession: 3D graphic art. In this area, as in writing, Jet’s self-taught and thoroughly entranced, and now occasionally uses this art to illustrate her stories or her stories to expand upon her art.


In real life, Jet is a self-proclaimed hermit, living in southern California with her life partner. She has a bachelor’s degree in acting, but her loathing of auditions has kept her out of the limelight. So she turned to computers and currently works in product management for a software company, because even in real life, she can’t help but want to create something out of nothing.




Main website:


Getting to know Jet:

Tell us about your upcoming release and what you hope readers will enjoy about it.

My June release is a story called One For The Team. It’s about a girl with four friends, all male, who set about showing her that she is, in fact, female. Jen’s a bit of a tomboy, you see, and she just got dumped by her first real boyfriend.

I hope readers will just find this one plain fun. That’s what it’s meant to be. Nothing too deep.



What do you like to do when you’re not working?

Usually, my artwork. Lately, however, with effectively three jobs, I don’t have a heck of a lot of non-work time. Mostly, my “free” time has been filled with writing and promotion.



What season is your favorite and why?

Spring. I like rain but I’m not too big on biting cold. Spring’s cool because you’re getting out of winter and into summer so it’s got that in-between temperature. Plus things are usually lush and green with that luster of “new” all about.



What would we find on your bookcase if we looked? What is one of your favorite authors?

At the moment, not much. We’ve been renovating the house so most of my books are in boxes. My favorite authors? Oh boy. Laurell K Hamilton, Angela Knight, Morgan Hawke, Mercedes Lackey, Jacqueline Carey, Mickey Zuker Richert (sp?), Melanie Rawn, Laura Baumbach. My crit partners—JL Langley, Ally Blue, Willa Okati, Anne Cain, Luisa Prieto, Kimberly Gardner. There are more authors but that’s a good start.



What was the last book you read (e or print) and did you like it?

I honestly can’t remember the last time I read a full book. It was probably the last Laurell K. Hamilton or Angela Knight book.



What makes a good book?

Characters. It’s all about the characters. I want to read a book about people I can follow and enjoy, whether I understand them or agree with them or not. I can read almost any genre as long as the character aspect is there.



Boxers or briefs?

On me or on men? Hmm, guess the answer’s the same in both cases. Boxers. Nice ones. Not big huge bulky ones.



Ben Affleck or Matt Damon to save the world?

Matt Damon



Where are you published?

Most of my books are at Loose Id, with the print versions available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I’m now in two anthologies at MLR Press and I hope to have more stories with them in the future.



Thanks for coming! J





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