A Note from Destiny Blaine about her contest!

6 08 2008



I tried to post again last night but evidently didn’t have luck. In the past, I’ve had some connectivity problems since I live in a newly developed area but those have been rare now so I was unprepared! I sent a post through but don’t see it and I didn’t want to forget about our contest.


I want to thank Raine for having me as her blogging guest. I want to invite everyone who has posted prior to this post to send me an email today at destinyblaine@yahoo.com.


I have a free e-book to send all of our posters who stopped by to blog with us. Please send an email for the request (which will confirm you are over 18 and eligible for the adult romance). Everyone is a winner! Include Blog Winner in the subject line.


Thanks again to Raine and for everyone who posted or stopped by to read the interview!


Tonight, I have a chat at


http://groups.yahoo.com/group/The_Haunt_at_PNR from 6 until 10 PM EST so stop by and claim a prize or read lots of excerpts.


Hugs, Destiny  




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