The Anniversary of a Legend’s Death-Aug. 16th

14 08 2008

Thirty years have passed since the hip shaking, silky smooth voice of Elvis Presley has graced our ears in the flesh and he still has the voice that keeps us spellbound. It has been almost 40 years alone for his spectacular 1968 Live TV special that was, at the time, special. Elvis was coming off a string of bad movies and getting back on the charts after a long dry spell. In the time he was gone, the US and the world was mooning over the beatles and loving the rifs from Jimi Hendrix. Then Elvis blew back in town and the world remembered the man who is “The King of Rock n’ Roll”.

Nervous about his reception by the public, a manager pushing for something totally different and a producer who believed in something that was pure gold; Elvis was a man with a golden singing voice before his decline into a world of drugs and heart disease but in 1968, he was fit, tan and looking yummier than ever in black leather. He jammed with a few freinds and select number of audience members and blew the world away. After this special, he was back in fine form,  hit the #1 on the chart with Suspiscious Minds, In the Ghetto and Kentucky Rain as well as others. He was a man in his prime who had the world at his fingertips and the women swooning.

I write this and I remember growing up listening to his music and watching his movies with my siblings. My uncle is a HUGE fan and saw one of his last concerts before drugs and heart disease took their toll and took him from us all. Regardless of what era you enjoy or hate, be thankful we had him for as long as we did, even with the models, movie starlettes and celebrity gossip that was the the beginings of tabloid news magazines. My favorite song of his is called If I can Dream and it is about dreams and life, a song that resonates with anyone who hears it with their own dreams, be it whimsical or practical. He always delivered something for everyone.

He delivered the world his brand of music, be it rock and roll, country or gospel, Elvis Presley is forever missed and remembered on this day, Aug. 16th as the day “the King” died and was forever lost to us. The question remains is: What would have happened if he lived and got clean? Would he still be making music or something else? Those plus other questions are always asked this time of the year and as you listen to your favorite Elvis tunes or watch a particular movie of his, take a few minutes of silence for this wildly talented man who sang like an angel and is forever mised by the world.




2 responses

14 08 2008
Daun Ann Korty

Another question that boggles my mind is, what if his twin had survived? Would Elvis still be the King of Rock n Roll?

I’m 40 and I never got the pleasure of seeing him, but I LOVE his music. I’m only a couple of months older than Lisa Marie is. She’s got her daddy’s talent for singing.

15 08 2008

great 4 cd’s, great artist, Elvis rip

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