New changes coming!

28 08 2008

Ok I had to blurt it out and announce some changes coming. I have been wanting a new website for ages now that reflect who I am as a writer and voila! I found someone who will work with me and see my vision of what I see in  my head *though the voices are about to kjill me here*. So coming soon is a brand new website with a new domain name since yahell refuses to change owners to me (a friend bought my first one and has had problems setting it u p so I can own it). So once I get all the particulars and the ok to unveil it, then you will hear all about it. It is a wordpress theme based site and I was told very simple to navigate and use. WOO HOO! I can not wait to see what Celia Kyle designs for me and I hope you check out her brand new site just for this at

She is also my fabulous designer of my Fiery Magic cover so I am hooked on Celia’s designs. *passes Celia her bribe*. 🙂

I look forward to sharing the newest chapter in my evolution as a writer and I look forward to hearing your comments once the website is live!




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