A Note from Destiny Blaine about her contest!

6 08 2008



I tried to post again last night but evidently didn’t have luck. In the past, I’ve had some connectivity problems since I live in a newly developed area but those have been rare now so I was unprepared! I sent a post through but don’t see it and I didn’t want to forget about our contest.


I want to thank Raine for having me as her blogging guest. I want to invite everyone who has posted prior to this post to send me an email today at destinyblaine@yahoo.com.


I have a free e-book to send all of our posters who stopped by to blog with us. Please send an email for the request (which will confirm you are over 18 and eligible for the adult romance). Everyone is a winner! Include Blog Winner in the subject line.


Thanks again to Raine and for everyone who posted or stopped by to read the interview!


Tonight, I have a chat at


http://groups.yahoo.com/group/The_Haunt_at_PNR from 6 until 10 PM EST so stop by and claim a prize or read lots of excerpts.


Hugs, Destiny  


In the Spotlight: Destiny Blaine and a contest from Destiny!

5 08 2008

Tell us about your upcoming release and what you hope readers will enjoy about it.


Winning Virgin Love is the second story in the Winning Virgin series. A paranormal/urban fantasy, I hope everyone who reads Winning Virgin Love will want to go back and grab the first book too (Winning Virgin Blood). Books 1 and 2 cover the lives and stories of the Spenser twins (Almonzo and Orlando) and their little sister will have her own book also—Winning Virgin Lust (Coming in October). The ultimate ‘wish’ or hope will be for readers to follow this series through to the end.


If you could have one special super or magical power, what would it be?


The power to heal. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to possess healing powers? I think so. Imagine how it would feel to mend broken hearts and wounded souls one minute and a torn ligament or someone’s life-threatening disease, the next. 


What do you like to do when you’re not working?


Write. I’m paying my dues right now so most of the time I am writing but on the rare occasion when I’m not writing, I’m generally doing something with my teenagers and husband. We’re an active sports-oriented family so we’re usually on the go between ballgames and sports complex centers! Then there’s always the adult playgrounds—casinos! I love poker and craps so whenever I have a few days to run, I’m typically casino-bound!


Bad boy/girl or perfect gentleman/woman to write about?


LOL! Well, I grew up on a cattle ranch/farm so you know I have to love a southern gentleman but the truth is—I prefer the bad boys! From cowboys to vampires, I want my heroes downright naughty!


If you could visit any time and place, where and when would it be and why?


I’ve been working on a western series (Branded—eXtasy) so I have to say right now, my heart (not to mention current thoughts) tends to stray to the Old West. I think it would’ve been wonderful to live around Stockton, California during the Gold Rush. Between the excitement and the handsome cowboys, a cowgirl sure had a lot of inspiration.  


If you could be a shapeshifter, what form would you take and why?


Ah, that’s easy—a bird. I could fly away whenever I wanted to go explore new worlds.

Where are you published?



Currently, I’m published with some of the best of the best and I know I’m one of the lucky ones. I feel very fortunate to be published by very reputable small and mid-size publishing houses in our industry. My new and upcoming releases are with Siren/BookStrand, Whispers Publishing, eXtasy Books, Resplendence Publishing, and Excessica Publishing. I also have some of my short stories with Amira Press.


Where can readers reach you?


The best way to keep in touch with me is through Just Another Paranormal Monday or by visiting my blog. I’ve included the information below.


In fact, stop by at any of the following places to post today, and you’ll be entered to win a copy of Winning Virgin Blood (Book One in the Winning Virgin Series). A PDF file will be sent to one lucky winner later today (August 5, 2008). Just click on the links below and post a comment. It’s that easy to enter and one lucky person will win!








What else would you like readers to know about you or your work?


I love to write in all genres. I’m fickle when it comes to writing and it’s one of the things I love about this career. A writer can explore topics and worlds they typically wouldn’t visit any other way. Through writing for small presses and e-book publishers, an author has such a wide range of options and there are few ‘taboos’ to confine a writer. It’s a tough business but I wouldn’t change a thing now. I’ve met some wonderful people and made some lasting friendships. Plus, I’ve learned so much about myself and the rest of the world by researching various book topics. I have the best career in the world and thanks to the readers who read me, I get to do what I love—write!  


Thank you for allowing me to visit with you today. Since day one, you’ve been one of my favorite people and I’m lucky to count you as one of my friends in the business.




A sneak look into Book 1, Winning Virgin Blood by Destiny Blaine and Siren Publishing:

“Mother, Father! There you are!” Constance ran in and interrupted the meeting they were about to have. “Mother, look at the jewelry Orlando bought me from this woman called Tiffany. Isn’t it beautiful? And guess what, Father?” She turned with a gaze full of life ready to spill her so-called truths as she believed them.

“What, my dear?” Her father played along. His voice matched her enthusiasm as he bent down to allow Constance a knee to perch upon as she told her story.

Orlando paid more for it than most people pay for a Jaguar car!” Her lips pursed at just the right places. Then, they fell open precisely the same way to make sure everyone gained a real understanding of its value.

Almonzo rubbed the back of his neck, releasing a sigh. “I warned you last night.” He chuckled. “By the second.”

Evidently unconcerned with her brother, she continued. Eyes grew larger with each bigger tale. “Oh and do you know what, Mother?”

“What?” Marion shot her husband a look of astonishment, eyeing the diamonds gleaming within their setting.

“I think this was probably more expensive than a Rolls Royce.” The comparison just rolled off her tongue almost as elegantly as the car itself, and again her mouth formed a tight line in a matter-of-fact gesture.

Almonzo leaned on the dresser behind him, crossing his arms as he did. “Here we go.”

“You do?” Her father’s amusement gave the young beauty fuel to continue.

“Yes, indeed. I think maybe even more than a Bentley, and if I was in a betting mood, I’d bet that this necklace was more expensive than a Bugatti.” She nodded and placed her hands on her tiny little hips. She loved to be the center of attention.

Constance?” Samuel Spenser was ready to move on to the next topic after he saw his daughter’s extreme exaggeration.

“Yes, Father?” Her eyelids batted quickly.

“The Bugatti is the most expensive car, or one of the more expensive cars in the world.”

Never indicating that she thought any different, the young girl danced as she screamed excitedly. “I know, Daddy! I know! Isn’t it wonderful?”










In the Spotlight: New Publisher Lyrical Press

31 07 2008

Lyrical Press, Inc. opened on May 5th. It’s owned by the husband and wife team of Frank and Renee Rocco. Their goal is to provide authors with a friendly, fun and safe home for their books and offer readers an eclectic mix of quality titles to chose from. We offer books in both electronic format and Print On Demand on all titles over 70,000 words. A full service publishing house, Lyrical Press, Inc. is actively seeking all genres. From tender romances to gothic paranormal horrors, we welcome all submissions. Their motto is: If you dare to write it, we dare to consider it.

We’re looking for all genres, but are actively seeking paranormal romance, specifically ghost stories. Scare us. We dare you! Check out their submissions page for more information.You can find our site at: http://www.lyricalpress.com/ and our bookstore at: http://www.onceuponabookstore.com/

Book available now are (May and June’s books): Prey For Mercy: AE Rought, The Arrangement: Cat Grant, New Ickford Manor: Anthony Stevens, Unholy Night: Candice Gilmer, Daughters of Change: Teressa Wilde, Taming the Beast: Jinx Williams, Frozen: Morgan Q. O’Reilly, Banking on Love: Nancy Linquist, The Red Period: Dalton.

Note from Raine: This a new publisher that looks to have some wonderful authors and I would suggest to check out their site. it looks phenominal. I know I wanted a few of their books. *smiles*

A Fiery Contest going on now!

25 07 2008



On July 4, 2008 Raine Delight will dazzle us with a new addition to Devon Falls!  Devon Falls: Fiery Magic will captivate you till the last page.

Will run till end of August 2008 

In honor of this release Raine Delight and Phoenix Rising Promotions will be holding a scavenger hunt for a wonderful Sapphire Dragon statue.  Visit Phoenix Rising Promotions at www.phoenixrisingpromotions.com and roam through the list of authors websites.  Locate the picture of the dragon and find the lines to the riddle there after.  Locate the entire riddle, the URL¢s they were found at and then solve the riddle for your entry into the drawing for the gorgeous Dragon Statue. The picture below is what you are looking for in addition to the riddle on the sites at PRP.

Send your entry to rainedelight@gmail.com or phoenix@phoenixrisingpromotions.com with “Raine’s Dragon Contest” in subject line. Make sure your snail mail addy is included in case you win.

Happy Hunting & Good Luck!

Meet and chat with Nancy Haddock at Bitten by Books today!

21 07 2008

The wonderful author of La Vida Vampire, Nancy Haddock, is at Bitten By Books today so come on over and post a few questions, see what BBB had to ask her and enter into a few contests. You might win an autographed copy of this wonderful book or even a Gift Card to Amazon. So come on over and chat with this fabulous new author that is garnering great praise for her unique Vampire book. 🙂


Join me at Night owl Romance Blog today and win a prize!

15 07 2008


Today I am at NOR’s Blog chatting about my newest release and offering two prizes for just posting a comment. 🙂

So come on over and win either a Del Fantasma Shotglass or one of three e books available.

See you at NOR’s blog. 🙂

Raine D.

Winner of AJ’s Contest!

14 07 2008

The winner of the T-Shirt contest is Peaches Girl

Peaches Girl please email AJ at aj_hampton@hotmail.com for your prize. 🙂

Thanks for coming on by!